Kitchen Cabinets

Save time and money with prefabricated shower stalls.

Hot Tubs

A large bath with underwater jets of water to massage the body.

Shower Columns

A range of stylish shower columns suitable for use in a cubicle or bath.

Steam Showers

Create a Home spa experience with the addition of a steam shower unit.

Bathroom Sinks

Stylish Bathroom Sinks ranging from contemporary to modern.

Bathroom Sinks

Our range of faucets featuring ultra modern & classic styles.

Toilet & Bidets

From conventional to high-tech toilets, we have it all.

Bathroom Tiles

Transform your bathroom with our range of bathroom tiles.

Kitchen Faucets

TAvailable in a variety of styles.

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks to fit any style, modern, classic and innovative.


Stylish modern and simple options available at any size.


A range of high build quality and reliable dishwashers available.


Multiple options available stylish and reliable, 4 burners +


MThe best quality stylish and classic ovens in any size available.

Water Filtration Systems

We provide the best water filtration systems for any requirements.


Very reliable microwaves in a range of colours and uses available.